Florida Prosperity Partnership

There's quite a few projects here, get ready (more coming soon too!)


The main site of the FPP Coalition. The current site, created under a previous technologist is hosted on Wild Apricot, a purpose built CMS for member management. It has its "quirks and features" but gets the job done. A transition to Wordpress is on the way, keeping the member management functionality, while decreasing loading times and increases usability and editability.


"Bank On’s goal is to ensure that everyone has access to a safe and affordable bank or credit union account." Bank On Florida is a local initiative extending the resources of the national bank on effort to the local divisions in the state of Florda. This site is a simple hub of information for the creationists of bank on inititives mainly in the state of Florida. If it were a pyramid scheme, this site would be in the middle. (It's not a pyramid scheme, it's really useful information.) Visiting https://bankonfl.org/old will show you the previous looks of the site.


The FLTON (Florida Taxpayer Opportunity Network) is an affiliation of professionals and volunteers across the state who recognize, much as the Taxpayer Opportunity Network led by Prosperity Now (formerly CFED) does at the national level, paying taxes is a fundamental part of the American experience. The FPP extends its resources to certify volunteers in complimentary tax preparation services. This site is used during classes by facilitators to disperse resources, mainly PDFs, to aid in class learning. It also links to FreeFLTaxSites.org which is a dynamic portal that matches the public with local FLTON volunteer locations. Read below for more information.


As mentioned above, FreeFLTaxSites.org is a dynamic portal that matches the public with local FLTON volunteer locations. Read above for more information on FLTON volunteers. The site has a backend interface for inserting tax-site locating websites for local areas by county, as was requested. A demo can be provided on request. This project lays dorment until about 6 months prior to tax season. (There may be some bugs)